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About Us

We Guide People do business Around The World

VPS is providing an opportunity to all people to do business in different sectors with one platform.

Velocity Pools, ORG

VPS collaborates with 3rd party services which are useful to people in their daily life needs and for future needs like in the education sector and also generating digital products.

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Future Services

Every people Deserves The Opportunity To Earn

Collaboration with Institutions

VPS helps poor students with discounts and in turn income to leaders

10,000 Goal

322 Raised

Digital World
Genarating Techy Products

VPS plans to develop techy products to serve society inturn earning to leaders.

1,000 Goal

16 Raised

Life Needs
Tie-ups with Local Malls

VPS is making aggrements with all local Malls for the purpose of repurchase.

10,000 Goal

562 Raised

What We Do

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Digital Shoppiing

Digital Shoppy

VPS started collecting daily needy life products to promote in VPS Digital Shoppy to people.

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Earning with Tie-ups

VPS planning to Collaborate with services to create opportunity for leaders to earn regularly.

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Financial Products

Any Financial Product gives more earnings as a bonus heavily by selling them to people.

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